Time is Life.


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The key to success in life, love & business is understanding that for things to change, you must change.


Your desire to change has to be greater than your desire to stay the same."

Self-discovery is the biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to the foundation of personal growth. 

I help you overcome anxiety, change your mindset, and create better habits - all through the steps of self-discovery so you can live life on your terms.



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Join the Village!

This is your safe space for expression, connection, and authentic conversation.


As the song says, "We Are Family"... your extended family for encouragement & perspective.


“The Village” is a self-contained community where you can have genuine discussions that help everyone self-discover and uncover areas of growth.


No judging, no opinions, no bad vibes. This is a safe place where you can get real feedback and make great connections.


​“Energy is never neutral. You are either giving it or you are taking it away.” So, NO negative vibes. We are all in this together.


Time is life attitude.

#GetUp & Get MOVING!


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" Having a presence is something that you can't teach. The ability to paint a picture and help others connect the dots is a skill that a few people have and even fewer have mastered. A goal that I personally have, is to develop my own communication style to the degree that Mr. White has. Repetition is key. Working hard is a must. Character is vital. Thank you Mr. White for reflecting and developing key virtues inside of myself and my team." 


—  James M.